TiviMate Recording: how to setup?

TiviMate Recording

While choosing the best IPTV player, the first question that would pop up in one’s mind would be if the relevant application has an adequate number of features that would ultimately enhance the user experience.

In this article, we will be shedding light on a particular feature of TiviMate IPTV Player known as the Record setting which makes the streaming sessions executed through the software supremely worthwhile.

What Does TiviMate Record Feature Entail?

The recording feature of TiviMate IPTV allows users to record streaming sessions which can be viewed later, at one’s convenience.

The tool proves to be highly beneficial for those users who are always on the go but also do not want to miss out when it comes to watching their favorite TV content.

Methods To Record IPTV

Underneath, one shall find two ways IPTV can be recorded: TiviMate’s built-in settings and screen recorder application. 

1. Built-in Recorder

First let us discuss how to record IPTV through TiviMate’s built-in advanced setting, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Open your TiviMate application and then select the channel you wish to record.
  • Now kindly select the Record option, this action will make a recording symbol to appear entailing that the content is being recorded.
  • In order to stop recording, select OK again and then tap on the Stop Recording tab which will then allow your video to get saved.

2. Screen Recorder

If you want your recording experience to be a bit more feasible, you can use a screen recorder application as well, let us guide you how to make the most use of this program:

  • The online market place is filled with various versions of screen recording applications, all you need to do is select the one you like and install it. 
  • Open your TiviMate IPTV player and select the channel which you wish to record.
  • You now need to open the screen recording application which you installed previously. 
  • Follow the software’s instructions in order to start recording the content displayed on the screen.
  • When the process has been completed, one needs to cease the screen recording and save the content. 

TiviMate Recording Features

TiviMate comes with a bunch of recording features which we shall list down below:

1. Manual Recording

This recording tool allows videos to be saved manually. The process to achieve the relevant task is rather simple. One just needs to select the channel and then click on the record option.

The recorded section will be saved on the device and can be watched later.

2. Scheduled Recording

Through the scheduled recording feature, you can schedule your TV content to record in advance.

3. TV Shows Recording

TiviMate also comes with a supremely fun or more appropriately innovative recording feature which allows one’s favorite series to be recorded automatically. All of the episodes of your future binge-watching session can be recorded through simply selecting the TV series you want to record and then pressing on the record option.

4. Recording Organization

For those people out there who like to stay organized or ahead of their schedules, they can make most use of the recording management feature available on TiviMate. This feature allows users to manage their recorded content without any hassle. One can rename, delete or move their recorded sessions to various other folders as well.

Does TiviMate Recording Feature Work?

We think it might be a great idea to list down some feedback regarding the topic at hand generated from the user community of TiviMate IPTV player.

According to a certain user, the recording feature works fine whereas in order for it to work seamlessly one needs to have two connections for your TV to keep streaming content while the recording feature is also in motion.

Did you know that one can not watch a recording while it is being recorded? The only way to view the relevant content is to wait for it to first finish being recorded.

Problems observed during streaming sessions due to poor WiFi or any other reason whatsoever might cause the recording to either corrupt or cease altogether.

Moreover, another factor which might have a great impact on the recording feature is low quality hardware.

According to another TiviMate IPTV user, the recording feature has worked out rather wonderfully for two years in a row. 

This particular customer used to record occasionally however after coming across the schedule recordings option, the user ended up using the advanced setting on a more consistent basis.

The above-mentioned opinions might differ a bit, you must have noticed, however it is rather true that user experience tends to differ as not everyone will have similar exposures while using various initiatives.

However, the record feature does enjoy massive popularity among IPTV users, highly contributing to the fame that TiviMate player is acknowledged for. 


The TiviMate recording feature is a smart initiative taken by the management of the software in order to make their application stand out in the market of IPTV players whereas this is not the only feature which makes the IPTV service an attractive hub to stream your content on.

The application also has a supremely uncomplicated or more appropriately manageable database, multi-screen support, support for IPTV sources, consistent bug fixes, customizable options and customer support. 

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