TiviMate Buffering Issues (Quick Solutions)

TiviMate Buffering

The information mentioned in the article underneath shall unfold specifics regarding how to stop TiviMate IPTV Player from buffering and freezing, therefore keep on reading if you wish to seek beneficial solutions for the aforementioned queries.

What Is Buffering?

The first and foremost aspect many people might be rather confused about would be what the term buffering even implies: Process of preloading data in a saved section of memory is known as buffer.

In case you are still a bit perplexed regarding the topic at hand, let us provide you with an example: Buffering allows a section of your latest favorite movie or show that you have selected to play get saved before the relevant program starts playing.

How Do I Stop My TiviMate IPTV From Buffering?

Below one shall find advantageous tips and tricks to follow while trying to stop their TiviMate application from buffering:

You can update your buffering settings to none or small whereas one can also try to first switch the VPN ON and then OFF to see if the buffering continues or ceases. If these two options do not seem to make a difference, one can enter the same provider information in another IPTV program.

Still not satisfied? Then purchase an ethernet gigabit adapter, available on Amazon, connect your firestick to one of your LAN switches on the back of your router device, in case all of the steps mentioned here do not seem to solve the buffering issues you might have to switch to another provider. 

How Do I Stop My TiviMate From Freezing?

If your TiviMate application keeps on freezing and you can’t seem to tackle the problem, here are a few steps to try in order to overcome the aforementioned difficulty:

You can force quit TiviMate but don’t forget to clear the cache as well after which you’ll need to restart your FireStick, however this step should be followed once a month only.

On the other hand, always keep ten to twenty percent of internet storage on your streaming device free, you can delete some unnecessary applications which you do not use or are not useful for you to achieve the relevant task.

If your TiviMate application is still in a freeze mode, here are some more tips:

Your device should always be equipped with a cleaning application such as the Fast Task Killer which will also make sure to clean up your RAM storage while the issue might be making an appearance over your system due to being connected to a poor VPN.

If you use WiFi then you might want to pair at least one system to your router device through an ethernet which is easily available on Amazon and if this particular step fixes the problem then it can be easily determined that the issue of freezing has arisen due to the WiFI.

You might also want to reinstall the TiviMate application by uninstalling it first, whereas as we have mentioned above, it might be high time that you need to change your provider, check out the trial program and see if the freezing problem still continues.

Does Mbps Have An Impact On Buffering?

Yes, definitely. Did you know that your WiFi should have the downloading power of at least around 25-30 Mbps in order to minimize buffering issues?

Slow-paced internet connections might be the biggest source of buffering issues causing streaming sessions to be executed with supremely unreliable motion ultimately making one’s TV watching sessions highly annoying therefore if you are a TV enthusiast you might want to invest in a good or more appropriately high speed internet connection.


It might have now become possible for you to easily tackle the issues of freezing and buffering of your TiviMate application through the tips which we have provided in this article, we do hope that the information will prove to be relevant or more appropriately valuable for all of you, happy streaming!

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