TiviMate Channel List (Complete List)

TiviMate Channel List

TiviMate IPTV Player has got one covered when it comes to offering a wide array of channels offering endless entertainment ranging from news to lifestyle and music.

The IPTV service is supremely acknowledged for offering its massive user community an accommodating streaming experience through various interesting aspects which overall majorly contribute to why people wish to stick to this particular program on a long-term basis.

One such factor which makes TiviMate IPTV a worthwhile selection is its extensive list of channels which can be modified according to one’s preference.

TiviMate Entire Channel List

When one downloads TiviMate IPTV Player, he/she will get an access to a lot of TV Channels varying in genres while here is a complete list of channels you can download depending on your country.

TiviMate Channel List Customization Options

One of the most exclusive aspects of the TiviMate IPTV service is the customization feasibility it offers to its customers.

You can edit the TiviMate Channel List according to your preference for example specific channels can be removed or reshuffled, let us talk in detail regarding these features below:

Select Settings on your software to access the editor. Now tap on Manage Channels from the Settings tab. TiviMate lets users edit, manage, remove, relocate, or scroll all the channels.

1. Removing Channels

TiviMate allows unrequired channels to be removed from the channel playlist. All one needs to do is select the unnecessary channels and tap on the trash symbol. 

2. Creating Groups

Did you know that you can create groups over your TiviMate IPTV player database which is an excellent initiative to allow organization of channels according to users’ desirability.

In order to achieve the relevant task without any hassle, all one needs to do is to select the Add a Playlist option, give a name to the group and place each channel according to the category.

3. Reshuffling Channels

Another spectacular feature offered by TiviMate is the channels’ reshuffling option. Channels can be restructured according to one’s preference by dragging a channel to the wanted location. Users can compile a list of channels which they wish to view on a consistent basis.

4. Adding Extra Playlists

Moreover, one also has the option of adding playlists from external sources into the TiviMate IPTV player. How to ace this? Well tap on the Add a Playlist and select the Choose FIle option. URLS and files can also be placed using this advantageous feature. 

What Is TiviMate?

In case you are still a bit confused regarding what TiviMate IPTV Player is and what does this specific service entail, let us enlighten you through a simple description.

TiviMate is an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service which provides top notch streaming of TV channels through offering a bunch of exciting or more appropriately advanced features. The application offers a versatile variation of TV channels which range from the most basic ones to the most exhilarating ones, basically you name it and TiviMate has it.  

Features Of TiviMate Channel List:

Let us now discuss some of the features which one can explore through TiviMate Channel List:

1. Marvelous Video Quality

All videos on TiviMate IPTV are streamed in mind-blowing picture quality, a supremely favorable aspect which majorly attracts customers to stick to the service on a long-term basis. 

2. Multi-device Option

TiviMate can be accessed through multiple devices. The same TiviMate account can be utilized through one’s TV, phone and iPad with no hassle at all.

3. Manageable Interface

It is quite simple to navigate your way on the TiviMate application, The database of TiviMate player has been constructed with the thought to provide an uncomplicated experience for users, therefore this factor allows customers to make most use of all the benefits offered by the relevant software.

4. Convenient Shuffle Of Channels

The program allows easy shuffling of channels while one can conveniently select the desired channel by scrolling over the ones shown. Also if the list of channels appearing on your device compiled by the software do not seem to match the category of content you wish to watch on a daily basis then you have customization options available at your fingertips allowing you to readily indulge in an essential channel organization session.

5. Video On Demand

Are you wondering whether TiviMate offers the Video On Demand (VOD) feature for its precious user community?

Well, the answer to the above-mentioned query is yes, the application certainly allows accessing on-demand TV series, live sports and various other content without any complication, therefore there is no need to fret if you haven’t been able to watch one of your favorite programs recently.

6. EPG Integrated Channels

TiviMate is renowned for offering some of the most innovative features available in the IPTV world, another mind-blowing attempt at making the streaming experience on TiviMate worthwhile is the application\s EPG (Electronic Program Guide) feature. This option enlightens the customers about previously shown programs and programs to be featured in the future on the channels which are in current use. 

TiviMate Genres Type

Are you a TV enthusiast and are quite bent on investing a fair amount of time into watching your favorite TV shows? Well then let us enlighten you that the available list of TV channels on TiviMate IPTV will most probably end up exceeding your expectations because TiviMate has it all!

If you are in search of a thriller movie or maybe a romantic TV show you can definitely scroll through the list of an extensive array of entertainment channels available on TiviMate and select the one you like.

On the other hand, did you know that TiviMate IPTV is supremely kid-friendly? The program comes with a parental control option which allows parents to keep an eye on whatever content their children have been watching whereas you will be delighted to find out that various genres of kids movies, cartoons and information-based content can be accessed through TiviMate as well, yes, this application certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Moving on, if you like to stay ahead of current trends and news related content, then TiviMate offers channels which provide the relevant information emerging from across the globe allowing one to stay updated regarding all kinds of incidents happening around the world.


If you wish to obtain more information regarding TiviMate IPTV channel list then it is recommended to download the application and explore it yourself.

However, we do guarantee that you will definitely find the overall user-friendly vibe offered by the program extremely welcoming!

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